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Writers Guidelines
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New Victoria Publishers Writers Guidelines
We are primarily looking for well-crafted fiction in all genres featuring out lesbian protagonists with a strong sense of self-awareness.
The following ingredients should be present:
*       A clear narrative story line with distinctive voice and style
*       Well drawn, intelligent, introspective characters interacting in dynamic scenes
*       Accurate background locations and atmosphere
*       Issues pertinent to the lesbian community whether emotional, societal, or political
*       Humor and/or eroticism. Eroticism must have a feminist and consensual sensibility
We are especially interested in lesbian or feminist manuscripts, ideally with characters who can evolve through a series of books. Mysteries should have a complex plot, and accurate legal and police procedural detail, and protagonists with full emotional lives. Romance and adventure stories can certainly be competitive in today’s market when there is a good pace, style and tension, and when the characters contain or dramatize important issues.
We also consider well-researched non-fiction of interest to womyn, as well as lesbian-feminist herstory, or biography of interest to a general as well as an academic audience.
In any science/speculative fiction or fantasy we prefer Amazon adventure themes and/or detailed, well crafted alternative realities, complete with appropriately original language and culture.
We advise you to look through our catalog or visit our website to see our past editorial decisions as well as what we are currently marketing. Our books average 80-100,000 words, or 200-220 single-spaced pages.
*** Note:  No electronic queries will be considered.  Please send your query to us via U.S. Mail with:
1)      a brief bio of yourself, including all your contact information.
2)      a brief outline or synopsis highlighting key issues in the story, why you wrote it, and any target audience you have in mind.
3)      Several sample chapters or approximately 50 pages, double-spaced.
4)      Please note:  Stamped, self addressed envelope is required if you wish to have your submission returned.
We prefer single submissions (ms. sent to one publisher only), so please let us know if you have submitted your manuscript to, or are under contract with another publisher. As a small press, please keep in mind that we have less latitude to take on projects.