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Tee Corinne

Tee A. Corinne is a well-known lesbian writer, photographer, visual artist and activist who has been exhibiting and publishing her work since the mid 1960's. In 1991 she was chosen by Lambda Book Report as one of the fifty most influential lesbians and gay men of the decade; and in 1997 she received the Woman's Caucus for Art President's Award for service to women in the arts. We lost Tee to cancer in August 2006.

Dreams of the Woman Who Loved Sex

Dreams of the Woman Who Loved Sex

In this erotic collection of Fiction, Poetry and Photo Art by Tee A. Corinne, is a new and expanded edition of the groundbreaking classic which set a precedent for lesbian erotic writing. Tee says it best herself… “ I believe that sexual knowledge can ch

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