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Anna Livia

Anna Livia passed away in her sleep on August 6th, 2007, unexpectedly and to the great shock of the many loved ones she left behind. In addition to being an award-winning creative writer, a brilliant linguist, and an inspirational teacher, Anna had the biggest heart that ever was.
Anna Livia is the author of six works of fiction including Incidents Involving Mirth and Minimax, both shortlisted for a Lammy for lesbian fiction. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, grew up in Africa, spent eighteen years in London, lived in Paris and the Bay Area.

A Perilous Advantage

A Perilous Advantage

At last, Natalie Barney speaks for herself in this first translation by Anna Livia. A hundred years ago Natalie Barney ran away to Paris to be out and proud. Known by the French for her wit and passion, here are her words in English for the first time.

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