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Chris Anne Wolfe

     Chris Anne grew up in rural N.Y. where they counted cows instead of people for voting districts. She weathered a few cultural shocks to the “real” world and then finally settled in L.A.’s “not-so-real” world with a PH.D. in clinical psychology.
     In 1994 Chris Anne wrote, “When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age thirty, my crusading in community psychology was forced to the wayside. But not so, my writing. Never my writing. I can’t imagine not writing. I write simply because I breath. In weaving words...of passion and justice, of love and hope...I try to remind us all of the beauty we can claim.”
     “So----when the days are gloomy, I listen to Jennifer say, ‘Snap out of it. Stay out of it.!’ and pick up my pen to court our mistress, Muse. She lends me peace, and in an odd way I discover more freedom than I have ever known. Because I am dying, I’m free to put my loved ones and my writing first. I am free to make each day a wonder to treasure. Life is incredibly good. It’s never been better.”
     We lost Chris Anne on July 2, 1997. Her warmth and enduring spirit live on to bolster and enchant us in these two awesome lesbian Amazon epics!