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A Captive in Time eBook

A Captive in Time eBook $6.95

In the Fourth Stoner McTavish Mystery by Sarah Dreher, Stoner gets lost in time... and desperately tries to return before she loses her life and her heart.

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A Cold Case Of Murder

A Cold Case Of Murder $12.95

In the Fourth Meg Darcy Mystery by Jean Marcy, what looks like a simple adoption query, turns ugly when PI Meg begins to probe. She enlists the aid of her lover, Sarah Lindsrom, and their romantic relationship is overdue for a private reckoning.

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A Fire Is Burning It Is In Me

A Fire Is Burning It Is In Me $9.95

Michiyo Fukaya, a Japanese-American lesbian poet and activist, was also a single mother of a mixed-race daughter, living on welfare, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault, and a woman of color in an all white environment.

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A Perilous Advantage

A Perilous Advantage $25.00

At last, Natalie Barney speaks for herself in this first translation by Anna Livia. A hundred years ago Natalie Barney ran away to Paris to be out and proud. Known by the French for her wit and passion, here are her words in English for the first time.

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All The Ways Home

All The Ways Home $10.95

All the Ways Home made me realize how few stories I’ve ever read that reflect the complex issues my partner, my children and I have faced because we are a lesbian-headed family. The collection is a welcome patchwork quilt – warm and familiar and easy to c

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Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass $16.95

A comprehensive collection of interviews by Laura Post, with forty women musicians, such as Ani DiFranco, Joan Osborne, Holly Near, and Kay Gardner. Includes forty black and white photographs of the womyn musicians.

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Bad Company

Bad Company $10.95

In the Sixth Stoner McTavish Mystery by Sarah Dreher, Stoner and Gwen investigate mysterious accidents, sabotage, and menacing notes that threaten members of a feminist theater company.

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Callaloo eBook

Callaloo eBook $6.95

Reading these stories you will be stepping into snapshots of lesbians’ lives and joining in a celebration of the ways we have come to nourish ourselves and the women we love.

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Cemetery Murders eBook

Cemetery Murders eBook $6.95

In the first Meg Darcy Mystery, Dyke PI Meg Darcy is hired to search for a serial killer who has been dumping bodies in St. Louis cemeteries.

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Circles of Power

Circles of Power $16.95

Here, lovingly researched and written by Barbara Summerhawk and La Verne Gagehabib, is the story of one of the most vital and dynamic of the alternative communities to take root during America’s back-to-the-land movement.

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Day Stripper

Day Stripper $10.95

In the First Aubrey Lyle mystery by Jenny Scholten, Aubrey finds out taking it all off leaves a lot covered up when one of the “Live Nude Girls” ends up dead and she must investigate. Scholten breaks all taboos as she provides a fresh new voice in lesbi

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Dead and Blonde eBook

Dead and Blonde eBook $6.95

In the Second Meg Darcy Mystery by Jean Marcy, PI Meg rushes to police detective Sarah Lindstrom's side after Sarah finds her ex-lover beaten to death. Tension lasts until the final page with mystery, murder, love, and revenge.

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Dispatch To Death

Dispatch To Death $12.95

In this mystery by Martha Miller, some women's charm can be fatal. When cabdriver Trudy Thomas picks up the beautiful and mysterious Anita Alverez, the next thing she knows, the dispatcher at her cab company is killed in cold blood.

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Do Drums Beat There eBook

Do Drums Beat There eBook $6.95

In this novel by Doe Tabor, a fifteen year old Lakota girl must leave her homeland after a brutal episode with the Tribal police. Follow her journey from the reservation to a new understanding of what it means to be a woman and an Indian.

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Dreams of the Woman Who Loved Sex

Dreams of the Woman Who Loved Sex $13.95

In this erotic collection of Fiction, Poetry and Photo Art by Tee A. Corinne, is a new and expanded edition of the groundbreaking classic which set a precedent for lesbian erotic writing. Tee says it best herself… “ I believe that sexual knowledge can ch

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Fighting For Air

Fighting For Air $10.95

In the First Cal Meredith Mystery by Marsha Mildon, scuba instructor, Jay Campbell, takes her class of students out for their first open water dive. All goes well until a young Ethiopian man loses consciousness and drowns.

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Flight From Chador

Flight From Chador $10.95

In this novel by Sigrid Brunel, an Egyptian woman pilot receives an urgent plea to rescue a teenage German girl from a forced marriage in Yemen. Public beheading will be her fate if she fails, as her limits are tested in this death-defying thriller.

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Give My Secrets Back

Give My Secrets Back $10.95

In the Second Alison Kaine Mystery by Kate Allen, Alison and her friend Michelle find the body of Katie Copper, popular lesbian author. Suspecting foul play, Alison Kaine investigates.

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Gray Magic

Gray Magic $14.95

In the Third Stoner McTavish Mystery by Sarah Dreher, a peaceful vacation turns frightening when Stoner finds herself an unwitting combatant in a struggle between the Hopi spirits of Good and evil.

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Hers Was The Sky

Hers Was The Sky $8.95

A mystery by ReBecca Beguin. The time is 1929. The event is the first women’s cross-country flying derby. Experienced pilot Hazel Preston and her lover, Jo Russell, become fierce rivals as the competition begins. Based on the “First National Women’s Air D

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