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Day StripperDispatch To Death

Dead and Blonde eBook

In the Second Meg Darcy Mystery by Jean Marcy, PI Meg rushes to police detective Sarah Lindstrom's side after Sarah finds her ex-lover beaten to death. Tension lasts until the final page with mystery, murder, love, and revenge.

( Jean Marcy )

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The Second of the Meg Darcy Mysteries by Jean Marcy

A blonde woman in your bed can be a disaster, especially when she’s been bludgeoned to death, perhaps in your stead. Police detective Sarah Lindstrom reluctantly calls on her sometime love, Private Detective Meg Darcy, to help find the killer. Meg’s barely suppressed attraction to her only complicates their investigation.

236 pages
ISBN 978-0-934678-98-8

Lambda Literary Award Winning Author