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Lesbians have always been at the forefront of change. Heterodoxy, by Judith Schwartz, tells of a club for “unorthodox” women that began in 1912 with an original group of twenty-five ardent feminists and fiercely individualistic members.

( Judith Schwarz )

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Radical Feminists of Heterodoxy by Judith Schwarz
Greenwich Village 1912-1940 

There was a club called Heterodoxy for unorthodox women, women who did things and did them openly”  With painstaking research and obvious affection, Judith Schwarz has brought alive these kindred, yet diverse spirits.

het – er – o – dox    1. Not in agreement with accepted beliefs, 2. Holding unorthodox opinions. From Greek, heterodoxos, differing in opinion.

“Numerous tantalizing photographs that accompany the warm lively narrative of the women and the times in which they lived.”  - The Women’s Studies Review

“It is the aim of women not to hate, but to love one another.” 

106 pages
ISBN 978-0-934678-08-7