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Sparks Might Fly

Pip Martin, trained from the age of four to become a brilliant concert pianist, returns home to Boston in disgrace following a botched performance and a cancelled European tour.

Sparks Might Fly eBook

( Cris Newport )

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Pip Martin's passion for music has become so hopelessly entangled with her passion for the seductive Corrinne, that when the relationship suddenly ends, Pip is unable to play again.

Now that she can no longer live behind the mask demanded by a career in the public eye, Pip finds herself without a goal or direction. In trying to put her life back together, she must confront some hard truths about herself, her family, and her past relationships.

 Adrift in a sea of painful memory she is befriended by Erin Anderson, a newly-divorced neighbor. Their blossoming love helps to reignite the spark.

"If you've ever experienced the dizzying highs and the soul-shattering lows of a grand passion, you'll recognize this tale."     Jean Stewart, author of The Return to Isis series

"(Pip's) quandary and her efforts to become loveable and able to love strike a deep, sympathetic cord." Marie Kuda, A.L.A. Booklist

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