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Dreams of the Woman Who Loved Sex

In this erotic collection of Fiction, Poetry and Photo Art by Tee A. Corinne, is a new and expanded edition of the groundbreaking classic which set a precedent for lesbian erotic writing. Tee says it best herself… “ I believe that sexual knowledge can ch

( Tee Corinne )

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An Erotic Collection of Prose, Poetry and Photo Art by Tee A. Corinne

Before anyone else, there was Tee Corinne, celebrating the beauty and the joy of women’s sexuality. This remarkable collection of passionate prose and poetry is illustrated with ten of Tee’s stunningly sensual photographs.

 “Remember always that what seems tame to some of us is shocking to others, and many of those who will find this book shocking are in positions of power in government and religious organizations. For much of the world, any sexual touching of one woman by another is reprehensible. Sex is still a radical act. It is a sweet revolution. All the victories are far from won.”  -Tee A. Corinne  1943-2006

147 pages
ISBN 978-1-892281-01-2