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In the Second Aubrey Lyle Mystery by Jenny Scholten, big bosoms, back rent and bad guys abound in this lively depiction of San Francisco's nightlife. "Scholten delivers tightly woven prose, smooth characters with a penchant for down-and-dirty action....

( Jenny Scholten )

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The Second of the Aubrey Lyle mysteries by Jenny Scholten

The disappearance of Plushious Velvett, featured artist at the Naughtyland strip club, has Aubrey in a state, especially when she discovers a bloody breast implant in the garbage. Following this clue she uncovers a drug ring using Asian prostitutes as carriers. With an insider's view of the sex industry, Aubrey is an unflappable heroine. Lively eccentric characters fill out this colorful portrait of San Francisco's seamy underside.

214 pages
ISBN 978-1-892281-15-9

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