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A Cold Case Of Murder

In the Fourth Meg Darcy Mystery by Jean Marcy, what looks like a simple adoption query, turns ugly when PI Meg begins to probe. She enlists the aid of her lover, Sarah Lindsrom, and their romantic relationship is overdue for a private reckoning.

( Jean Marcy )

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The Fourth of the Meg Darcy Mysteries by Jean Marcy

An old unsolved murder, a rampaging ex-cop, and a romantic relationship running amok keep PI Meg Darcy busy. Meg reluctantly agrees to take on what looks like a simple adoption query. But the case turns complicated when Meg finds that the birth mother's murder eight years ago remains unsolved, and the cop who led the investigation is now the child's adoptive father. Just who left the body of the teenage Mom frozen in a pile of trash? And why is the police file so thin? Will Meg and Lindstrom ever work out their relationship?

223 pages
ISBN 978-1-892281-18-0