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Lesbian StagesLocked Down


Jorjet Harper defines Lesbomania as being in love with being a lesbian, and she fully expects this romance to last a lifetime. It pokes fun at the strange situations lesbians often find ourselves in and at the straight world which pretends we don't exist

( Jorjet Harper )

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Jorjet Harper’s Humorous First Collection of Columns

Examine the scientific evidence that lesbonauts visited the Earth in prehistoric times! Cruise down the Nile with Ancient Egypt’s lesbian Pharaoh, Hatshepsut! Discover what the Faces On Mars is trying to tell terrestrial lesbians! Find out what really happened during the War Between the Butches and the Femmes! Lesbomania takes a humorous look at life within the lesbian community.

148 pages
ISBN 978-0-934678-53-7

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